Brevard Doulas provide the best and most comprehensive support to growing families.

Whether you desire services during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and/or placenta encapsulation,

you've come to the right place for outstanding doula services.

Brevard Doulas are doctor preferred and hospital-friendly. You will be confident that your doula will support your wishes completely, and will add to a peaceful, relaxing environment for you when you are having your baby. We help you meet your goals, connect with your partner and new family, and have all the information you need to have a magical Birth Day. 

We partner with families to enhance their transition to parenthood.

Birth Doulas

Feel empowered, confident, informed and connected, when you meet your baby for the very first time!

Postpartum Doulas

Offering solutions for sleep, feeding,  newborn care, and self care.

Supporting balance of body and mind through placenta encapsulation.



Develop an understanding of what to expect, what your options are, and how to make your baby's Birth Day the best day ever!

Group, private, and semi-private classes are available. 

Do you desire peer support and connection? Check out our Facebook group for growing families!

We commit to:

-Support our clients wholeheartedly
- Value relationships with clients, families, care providers and staff;
- Promote a calm and secure environment to both mother and her partner/family;
- Research and share current, relevant evidence/studies related to birth and babies.